How Facebook’s new Interest Targeting will make posts irresistibly clickable

Facebook announced new functionality for publishers that’s sure to get content in front of the right people and further refine measurement. The most interesting functionality is Interest Targeting.

You know that section in your profile where you select the music, tv shows, movies, and sports teams (etc.) you like? Publishers will now be able to use that data to target posts on your timeline.

The announcement, published December 10th on the Facebook media blog, also detailed other functionalities including end dates for post sharing, Smart Publishing, and URL-level analytics reporting.

What does this mean for Facebook users? Well, that depends on how you view social sharing and digital advertising. Interest Targeting means you’ll see more relevant posts from publishers or Facebook’s found another way to monetize your free information. It’s a win-win situation for users with cluttered timelines and publishers with a variety of content. I’m surprised this functionality wasn’t created sooner given that it provides such rich market segmentation data, but now that it’s here, prepare to see more irresistibly clickable posts from Buzzfeed, Upworthy, your favorite news sources and the like.

Tell me what you think: How will Interest Targeting affect users?



Ormseth, H. (2014 December 10). New tools and insights for publishers. Facebook Media Blog. Retrieved from:


2 thoughts on “How Facebook’s new Interest Targeting will make posts irresistibly clickable

  1. I think users will react positively to interest targeting. Personally, I wouldn’t mind receiving updates on my favorite artists or television programs (even if a monetary solicitation were attached). In my opinion, personal information shared is public data. Simply put, it you don’t want to be targeted, then don’t place a bullseye on your back.


  2. I think interest targeting will provide users with more pertinent ads, highly targeted and personalized to their own interests, based on what they’ve been clicking on and talking about. For instance, if a Facebook user has been talking about wanting to purchase a new motorcycle, advertisers who have targeted ad behaviors Automotive/Motorcycle/New Vehicle Buyer (near market), they would be able to send ads to users about new motorcycles for sale near them. The advertiser could even go so far as to customize the ad to the type of motorcycle the Facebook user has been looking for.

    This level of customization is exciting for marketers, of course, but as a consumer, I admit to having mixed feelings. Still, it will probably come in handy this time of year, when I’m in the throws of Christmas shopping and trying to find the perfect gift for the best price.


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