Mobile Technology + Sharing Economy + Corporate America = Wonolo? Yes. It does.

Work. Now. Locally.

That’s what the Wonolo app allows people to do and it’s a pretty powerful concept.

Wonolo is the product of Yong Kim and AJ Brustein and spawned from a combination of the difficulties their wives had finding work flexible enough to do with young children and commonly themed conversations from Coca-Cola managers not being able to staff for variable demand. Wanting to do more than just connect people to odd jobs (i.e. TaskRabbit), Kim and Brustein created a way for Fortune 500s and other business owners to find vetted and qualified temporary employees in an instant.

On-Demand employment for both parties is at the heart of Wonolo, allowing “Wonoloers” to “work now, get paid, and live on [their] terms” and business owners to “manage unpredictability, enjoy flexible planning, and never be understaffed.” The app is available on iPhone and Android and the job search and apply features are closely akin to ride share apps’ functionality, but differs in that Wonoloers can be reviewed, rehired for the same temporary job, and even make the transition to a full-time employee. Watch this video to find out exactly how the service works!

Wonolo is backed by Coca-Cola through the soft drink company’s Innovation Accelerator initiatives, and officially launched in San Francisco in 2013. The company has been used for a variety of companies and businesses in the San Francisco area and is also being tested in Oklahoma City, OK with jobs at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

Wonolo has the potential to seriously disrupt the staffing process. The product significantly condenses the job search process for both parties and takes the hassle out of the sometimes convoluted temp agency process. Wonolo also creates a “try before you buy” situation that’s beneficial for businesses needing a very specific skill set or personality type that’s only apparent on the job. The reliance on mobile technology appeals to the 18-24 age demographic, one that’s currently experiencing disproportionately high unemployment rates, so there’s the potential to create positive changes in this area as well.

What do you think? Would you take a job through an app? If you own a business, would you use this tool to hire someone for the day? Voice your opinions in the comment box below!


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2 thoughts on “Mobile Technology + Sharing Economy + Corporate America = Wonolo? Yes. It does.

  1. What an innovative idea! In today’s climate with so many people looking for work, I think this will benefit those looking for jobs and employers alike.


  2. I agree, really innovative idea! I think one of the best aspects of this app is the fact that the employment is temporary. With such little resources put into the search to find the employee (a process which can typically take a lot of resources in a corporation), and a finite length of employment, I can definitely see why this new app is appealing to companies.


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