Outdoor Advertising Just Got A Lot More Mobile

Those days of looking up at quirky billboards as you wiz by on the highway are getting shorter. Also being challenged are static advertisings on city transit. On the rise are mobile digital billboards, and other forms of mobile outdoor advertising that allow up-close, portable advertising in high traffic city centers and at outdoor events. While mobile advertising isn’t new, it’s been coupled with technology to offer new variations that are definitely attention getting. These examples below show the use of LED lights to create attention-grabbing mobile out-of-home advertising suitable for day and night viewing. These trucks are usually tall and narrow, and can be equipped with hot and cold capabilities for samples, wifi, audio, and even satellite TV.

Is the wifi on the mobile digital billboard or at the event its advertising? Hmmm…

Mobile outdoor advertising is on the rise because it is highly effective. Outdoor Advertising Magazine, reports that mobile (moving, not cellular) advertising results in a 97% recall rate and the European Outdoor Advertising Association has found that brand recognition is fifteen times greater when mobile advertising is used than when it is not (TrafficAdBoards, n.d.). Stephen Freitas, CMO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, accredits the growth of out of home (OOH) advertising to digital in this quote:

“The continuous expansion of digital platforms across OOH formats further enhances the ways in which OOH efficiently delivers the advertisers’ message to the consumer in today’s increasingly fragmented media environment” (Out of Home Magazine, 2014).

Companies large and small are making outdoor advertising a priority. It’s currently the third popular medium, only trailing behind television and internet and has experienced revenue growth for 17 consecutive quarters. (Out of Home Magazine, 2014). For small businesses, outdoor marketing is easy on the budget and allows for creative marketing opportunities to targeted demographics.

mobile billboard
She said yes! 

My first experience with a mobile digital billboard was during a trip to Bricktown in Oklahoma City, OK. Bricktown is the pedestrian friendly downtown area, full of pavilions, patio-adorned bars, and restaurants. Any given weekend there’s a festival, concert, or outdoor activity and The Bricktown Canal’s water taxi service provides patrons with beautiful views of the skyline from interesting angles. Imagine my surprise when my view was blocked by a brightly lit digital mobile billboard! The advertising was for a local bar, and as the truck drove by slowly, and before my water taxi dipped under a bridge, I witnessed the advertisement transition to publicize a free concert going on a block away. Before I could be angry about being bombarded with advertising, the marketer in me immediately got excited!

Some cities have bans on this type of advertising, citing its potential hazard to drivers and some cities have restricted its use to  certain areas and events. Have you seen any of these mobile digital billboards or other types in your area?



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One thought on “Outdoor Advertising Just Got A Lot More Mobile

  1. I saw one outside my office the other day. I work in Old City Philadephia, just a block from the Liberty Bell, so even though I’m in the city, traditional billboards can’t be found. I guess a clever marketer found a way around the city’s zoning!


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